It is as EASY as 1, 2, 3 to making more putts!!    (Watch Video Below)    


$29.99 and includes *Free Shipping* on every order!!!!


Those who have secretly tested Dyn-A-line have been amazed at the results:

"I would have never believed it if I didn't try it myself"
 (Made 18-20 from six feet)

"I just kept making putts
(Made 20 in a row from ten feet)

     "Today I trained with Dyn-A-line for the
first time and kept making
                ten footers like tap ins"
Player who is a three handicap

A dynamic putting stroke practice aid that trains, aligns and positions the four major components of an effective motion back and through the ball:

1 - Vertical Clubface Orientation
2 - Horizontal Clubface Orientation
3 - Dynamic Loft
4 - Lateral Grip Orientation

It also lines up your stroke every time on the "Vertical Hinge Point" just like the best Tour Pro's on the greens!

And the weighted body not only is high quality machined metal but functionally it gives you the correct amount of shaft lean at setup and impact and creates a lasting after effect every time you practice!

Train with Dyn-A-line for a month and feel the "after affect" change to your stroke as you make more putts!