"My putting went from can't to can!"
From not expecting to make putts to
expecting to make putts thanks to practicing with Fuzion Dyn-A-line!"

Frank Flautt


"I've been grinding with the training aid for 3 days and came out today
and dropped 20 balls at 10 feet and made 16 and then moved to
4 feet and made 17!"

Avery Helms - Tour Pro - Florida

"It Has definitely changed my putting. I notice that my mishits are straighter.
If I'm missing my target, it's by not as much, and the actual misses roll straighter than previously."

Brad Renfoe - Kansas City, MO

"Dyn-a-line is the bomb.
I made 10 for 10 from five feet, 5-5 from 10 feet and was 3-3 from 5,10, and 40 feet. This putting aid will help you have better control."

Matthew Lake - Director of the ML Golf Academy   www.mlgolfacademy.com