Face On View
Down The Line View
Vertical hinge point - location is very important to great putting !!!
The key to Fuzion Dyn-A-line is that is lines up the Vertical Hinge Point in the correct place...And that is forward, not centered in the body. When you look at the best of the best of the best putters on tour they all look like the images below. And when I say the best, I mean the ones you want with the putter in hand when everything is on the line. These are the players that everyone wants to copy and putt like all the time. Not a streaky putter, which is what you have on the tours in an exceedingly large quantity. So remember this...The Vertical Hinge Point - IT HAS TO BE FORWARD! And Fuzion Dyn-A-line with the offset angle and Trident make you setup with forward shaft lean and correct angles every time you practice.

Fuzion Dyn-a-line product images